Ministry of Worship and Arts

The Art of Worship


God is calling true worshippers  "... and they that worship Him must worship in spirit and in truth..."

Worship is a big part of this music program and we here at BFC strive to enter into His presence and place the attention onto God, for we know that there is no other place to receive from the hand of the Lord.

This is what we are called to do; Worship HIM!

" To worship You  I live and to  worship You  I live,  I live to  Worship you!"  

Sanctuary Choir


We here BFC love to be in the presence of God.  

Some church are getting away from choirs and just going to the Worship and Praise teams and if that where God is leading you, I understand.

We here have a group of men and women that loves to sing and feels the call to do so, The Sanctuary Choir stills ministers in song each service 

We invite you to come be apart of the choir.  WE practice Sunday afternoon prior to  the evening services on an alternate schedule to learn new songs. For more information see Pastor Kevin 

Stedfast- Worship Dance Team


" have turned my mourning into dancing"

This ministry uses the art of interpret dance.  

The group takes a song and develops a style of worship that is not as restricted as classical ballet; its movements are expressive of feelings and the love that person has for her/his Savior, Jesus Christ.    It expresses worship and meaning of the song that is played without saying a word.   Each member of this team are sincere about their worship and feel like God had ordained and anointed them for such a time as this, even the most timid and shy person can express their worship this way.  

Stedfast has been used of God in many avenues to touch many lives since they have begun here at BFC.  They ministered in General Ladies Conferences, Youth retreats as well as the Congregational Holiness Church annual Camp meeting in Cleveland, Georgia.   Each member prays and seeks the face of God for their interpretation of the song they are to dance and with sincerity, love and emotional feeling it is expressed to God for what HE has done in and through them.  This ministry is not just for ladies but gentlemen can also be involved.  

God loves when a person expresses their love to HIM in even through the art worship in dance.    



If you world like to be a part of any of the ministries, not just Music here at BFC, see a staff member, Pastor Kevin or Pastor John and we can get you to the proper ministry coordinator. Pray and get involved in what GOD is doing here at BFC.

Worship Leadership

Felicia Jordan-Worship Leader


The true heart of a Worshiper finds their place in His presence even if they have to go by themselves. Felicia has the heart of that; A true worshiper and is called to be an anointed psalmist in the kingdom of God.  God has been speaking to Felicia with psalms, spiritual songs and making melodies as the scriptures have said. She has many songs that God has birthed in her for this time that the Church maybe edified,  Songs like "Draw nigh to me" I hear the sound of abundance rain",  just to name a few that you may have heard listening to our podcast and live streaming.

Felicia is taking a leadership role in the worship, We are excited to see as God leads into a new levels. 

 She is married to Caleb and with their two (2) sons, Joe and Jed, they could be with any ministries but we are honored to have them here at BFC. 

"To Worship you I live" ,   Felicia does that:  live to worship HIM!  


Bethany Arrowood- Youth Worship Leader


Bethany has been raised the church and has been a part of her family's ministry traveling and evangelizing  the Southern United State and abroad.  She and her family travels to many countries as missionaries.  Bethany has a heart for GOD and the call of a Worshiper is on her life.  She leads in the Re Volution Student Ministries, At the Wall each week.    Her heart is for the young worship leaders to learn and prepare themselves for the task ahead as  they get older.  She and our 1st Lady Tabitha has begun on Wednesday evenings prior to dismissing to classes, the "young" worshipers leads the KidZone into the presence of the Lord. 

Let me say what an honor to have Bethany with us here at BFC.