"God made me, God loves me, and God knows me!"

We here at BFC feel like we need to invest into lives and what better investment than Kids. Everything we do in our BFC KIDZ Ministries is focused on bringing children to a real and active relationship with God at an early age. We all have heard that the kids are our next church but we here believe that kids are a part of the church today!  

Kids are invited to attend our services designed just for them. Their services are Sunday morning following the morning worship, ages 3-5 years of age meets in room #103 located in our main sanctuary , and kids ages 6 to 9 years of age  in the Mobile Children's Sanctuary.

These kids meet with age specific teaching, scripture memorization, and games. At the conclusion of our lessons they have a time of prayer with each child.

Vision:  At BFC it is our hearts desire to lead kids into an intimate worship encounter where they can experience the power and presence of the Holy Spirit while providing an atmosphere of fellowship with God and one another. It is by the equipping of the Holy Spirit and helping each child discover their gifts of grace that we train and send them into the world to be witnesses of Jesus

About:  Filled with an energetic time of praise & worship, fun, and learning from God’s word our services are uniquely designed to grab each child’s attention so Jesus can change their heart. Kids are also encouraged to participate in illustrated sermons, puppets and exciting games. 

Worship Arts Ministry:   We are praying and in the foundation stage with Worship and the Arts ministry.   This ministry will consist of Children’s choir and opportunities to be a part of programs during Christmas, Easter and other designated times of the year. 


The purpose for Kids Worship Arts Ministry is to Amplify Jesus. The word Amplify means - TO MAKE LOUD!  Our goal is to have times of worship that cause our attention to be drawn to God. We find that this is best done when our music, drama, puppets, and other worship arts all are done with the highest level of excellence we can give. If it is for God - it should be the best we can make it.  The times for Our Worship Arts Ministry meets will be announced.


We want your child's experience to be one they will remember. 

Contact: For more information on this Children’s Ministry here at BFC you may contact the church office at 706-778-5505 Ext#101

Student Ministries...

"God's Small Wonders" Nursery Ministries




Our babies and toddlers are introduced to Jesus through music and loving conversation with their caregivers. We meet their physical needs, including diapering and providing light snacks, to keep them happy and content while you are free to worship and receive teaching through a variety of classes and worship services These caretakers have a heart for your child and the prays over them for protection and a covering of Christ through-out their lives and comes to the knowledge of a relationship with Jesus. 

Sister Brittany Coleman-Nursery Coordinator   

"Gods Small Wonder" Nursery meet Room #101-102 in the main sanctuary. 

Children's Church 3-5 years


3 YEARS (if potty trained) -5 YEARS  

They have their time of learning about a relationship with this man named Jesus, not only their teaching lessons but also a puppet center where they are taught about HIM with visual aid of Puppets.   This age group are taught each week by an anointed group of men and women and yes some of this group where raised in church with Children’s Ministry and now wants to give back in the same way they were taught.  

This ministry is not a babysitting just for church but they teach and minister to the children on their level and teaching them even to remember the word of God. This group prays over and for not only prays for their kids but for the families also.    For more information see one of these great people or call the office. 

They meet in room #103-104 in the main sanctuary.

Children's Church 6-9 years


WE BELIEVE THAT SCRIPTURE IS CLEAR THAT PARENTS ARE TO BE THE PRIMARY DISCIPLE-MAKERS IN THE LIVES OF THEIR CHILDREN but it is our hope is partner with parents in their pursuit of this mission, coming alongside them in the discipleship process. We do this in many ways to help build a strong, gospel-centered foundation for children and their families. We strive to support, encourage and empower parents to raise up a new generation of believers within our church, and each week reinforce the same truths in our various age-appropriate environments



We do this in an age-appropriate environment and use every avenue possible to make this happen: from videos, skits, full-body characters, and puppets to preaching the word of God in a way that they will understand it.

 We would love to see your child be a part of this ministry. 


"The KidsZone Corner"

The Kids Zone


The Mighty Kids Zone

This ministry is our weekly Mission Field.  We go into our city and community transporting kids to our Campus teaching them the love and the word of Christ attempting to help develop them into the young men and women of God, HE has chosen them to be.    Most of these kids don’t have a parental role model because of many different reasoning, but no choice of their own, so, God has raised up a group of not only adults but also some of our #revolution student ministry, to mentor and help cultivate the calling and greatest of Christ that is in them; they are not even aware of it.  


In this group of kids, we believe that there are doctors, lawyers, law makers, policeman, nurses, scientist, and Godly mothers and dads for the next generation.  We here at BFC’s “The mighty Kids Zone” refuse to see the statistics of drug addicts, murders, robbers, and those that the world’s system call “nobody” and a generation X, because God never makes junk but He makes greatness; and with David in the word of God, everyone saw him as just one of Jesse’s sons that was a shepherd boy, but God saw him as the King!  

 A home-cooked meal is prepared each week before going  into a class of peers, where they are taught the word of God, age appropriate, using Visual puppetries, music and arts, they sing to the Lord and dance before Him in praise and worship.  

Each child has a place to call a safe haven and be able to be just that; a child. 

If you would like more information on the kids Zone ministries or if your child needs transportation call our church office.  We are looking forward to be able to touch your child’s life and see what God has instore for them.    

If you would like more information on the kids Zone ministries or if your child needs transportation call our church office.  We are looking forward to be able to touch your child’s life and see what God has in store for them.    

The Super Kidz


SuperKidz is our Wednesday night ministry to ages 3 to 6 years of age according to their maturity.  Ms Anna Rose,  and Mrs. Linda Denny teach these kids on age appropriate biblical lessons using both visual props and activities/crafts that goes hand in hand with the lessons. Kids 6-9 if not in the royal Rangers are taught by a wonderful group of people, Justin Benfield and his fiancee Ellen Brown as well as Pastor Michael and Ivette Miguel.  April Ledford is the Kidz ministry Coordinator and Linda Denny alternate teaching also.  These kids are learning about Christ in a setting all to their own.  Puppetry is used in the second part of their lessons to keep their attention and then finally they dismiss for worship and praise singing and making melody in their hearts all along the kids are allowed to dance and enjoy themselves with the music.  These teachers know that you can only keep a young child’s attention for a few minutes and God has laid this teaching plan and it has been such a success.  

Here at BFC we believe in investing in souls beginning at a young age.  “bring up a child when it is  young and when it is old he will not depart from it.”   For more information on this class feel free to contact one of these ladies and they will be happy to explain their plans, also if you would like to sit in on their class sometime and observe, make an appointment and they will be happy for you to do so.

Superkidz meet in room #103-104 in the main sanctuary.

Royal Rangers


Our Young Men’s Ministries are from the ages of 6-12 years of age.

It has been for many years under the National Royal Rangers Curriculum from the Assemblies of God but now under the direction of  Mr. Bill Denny they are taking this program into a deeper walk with Christ but with the same desire of the ministry of mentorship.    It is the heartbeat of these men to provide Christ-like character, servant leadership, to evangelize, equip, and empower the next generation.  They strive each week to mentor and develop boys and young men into the Godly Man that they were created to be. 


This ministry is cross-generational that interconnects boys and young men with the interface woven fabric of ministry.   This group go on camping excursions, learning survival techniques and the importance of having each other to serve as a team making the camp out fun and safe but also showing the spiritual side of being on a winning team. They do fun activities though-out the year encouraging there is joy in serving Christ. 

The young men of this ministry is working to rebrand and rename this ministry to what they are becoming.   Name to be announced soon…. 

**These young men meet in the Upper room in the Student Center every Delete repeated word Night   

For more information on this ministry call our office