African Foster Project ~ Postponde until later time!

The Foster Project*2017


This Foster Project has been postponde until a later time.

Please continue to pray for this country and the people.  It is becoming a civil war between the government leaders. Lets pray for our missionaries and pastors that has the heart of God for the people. 


"Some travel the world to see the world, while others travel the world to change the world."

Several months ago a missionary to the county of Africa came to the church and a group of loving hearts felt the call to build a Foster Home in Zimbabwe.  The vision for this project entered the hearts of several that has worked tirelessly to make it happen.  The vision is to build a home for a couple of widows and their children, then foster several more children from the country so they can have proper housing and protect.

Mission Coordinator Kim Robinson has worked and cried and prayed many hours putting this mission trip together. Many will not be able to travel to this country but God has placed a team of 12 members that has been ordained and commissioned "TO GO" and are going to build this house for those mothers. 

November 15th this team will begin their travels from Atlanta, Ga- Hartsville/Jackson International Airport and will be returning home November 27th.  On this journey there will be nurses, mothers, young married couples, pastors, men and women of God that has the heart of the missionary and even a young man of God in 3rd grade is traveling to touch lives; (GO CAIN).   They will not be with their own families for Thanksgiving 2017, as they will be building the house,"Giving Thanks"  for what God is doing.

 We are still taking donations and financial support for this project for the work will not end on the 27th of November but will continue till Jesus comes.

For more information on giving please contact the church office or one of the team members.


Please continue to pray and follow us through-out journey.   



Africa-2017 "the Foster Project team members"

(front left to right) Joyce, Cain, Candy, Kim(Mission Coordinator), Megan and Karder

(back left to right) Kendal, Justin, Bishop Kevin, Drew and Cliff.

Pastor Terry is missing in the photo.